The Armenian Church of Sivrihisar, a Victim of Vandalism

  • by Western Armenia, May 17, 2024 in Culture

"Unknown persons made notes on the walls of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Sivrihisar province of Eskisehir and dug holes there." - This is reported by "".

According to the source, the vandalism caused outrage, as the church is one of the attractions for tourists visiting the province. During a certain period of the year, tourists arriving here from different provinces of Occupied Western Armenia and abroad must also visit this Armenian historical church.

The source also reported that unknown persons left their names on the walls of the historical structure with different colored pens and dug holes in the church. That attitude caused the indignation of both the local population and people who value history.

Let's remind that the Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Sivrihisar was built in 1650. In 1876 due to the fire that broke out here, the church suffered great damages and was restored in 1881, during the reign of Patriarch Nerses Varzhapetyan.

It is the second largest monastic complex in Western Armenia. The church was previously used as a manure storage. The Turkish authorities still in 1996 wanted to start restoration works in the church, but the renovation started later, in 2010.