The Armenian expert on the falsification of Artsakh monasteries by a Russian clergyman

  • by Western Armenia, October 23, 2023 in Culture

Nara Martirosyan writes in his article published in the newspaper.

The Baku press once again took it upon itself to present the medieval Armenian spiritual centers of Artsakh as Aghvan holy places. The Gandzasar, Amarasi and Dadivank monasteries were recently featured by the Baku Ministry of Culture, as well as in the media, as places of pilgrimage for pigeons. During the program presented by Baku Number TV, it was announced that scientists and historians from all over the world would have the opportunity to visit and see the so-called fake Armenian on site. During the program, even the diocesan secretary of the Russian Orthodox Church, Rev. Alexiy Nikonorov, said that Gandzasar and Amaras were the best examples of Caucasian Albanian architecture.

Nakhichevan-born Armenologist and cultural expert Argam Ayvazyan spoke about Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian policy in Artsakh. “Baku publishes many anti-scientific and anti-Armenian lies in foreign languages and in large volumes and broadcasts them throughout the world. And Eastern Armenia is at zero level in this regard.” Argam Ayvazyan mentioned that even during the Soviet period, Baku bribed people to spread lies. A few years ago, the same scientist wrote that the book was written at the request of Azerbaijan. It is clear that he was bribed,” commented Argam Ayvazyan.

Comparing the current situation in Artsakh with that of Nakhichevan in the 2000s, Argam Ayvazyan emphasized. “2002-2006, 27,000 Armenian monuments were destroyed in the territory of Nakhichevan. In Nakhchivan, only the Russian church remains from the Christian era, while all Armenian churches and khachkars were vandalized by Azerbaijan, mosques were built in place of some churches. The armenologist stressed that it was possible to save at least 27 Armenian khachkars from Nakhchivan, which are exhibited in various places, including the Hermitage.

The government of Western Armenia has repeatedly spoken about the destruction of historical and cultural values ​​of the Armenian plateau – the problems of vandalism. Unfortunately, our neighbors and even more so the invaders, devoid of their own culture, not only destroy, but also pursue a policy of privatization of foreign culture, mainly Armenian, whose territory they have appropriated. Western Armenia is not just a spectator. President Armenag Aprahamian and monument expert Samvel Karapetyan appealed to the European Court of Human Rights over the destruction of 5,000 Armenian monuments and khachkars in Nakhichevan. They were the only ones who made this issue a subject of international discussion and filed a lawsuit against Baku as a vandal party in an international court.