The Chamber Theater Took the Audience to the World of Charles Aznavour

  • by Western Armenia, May 24, 2024 in Culture

On the 100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour's birthday, which was celebrated on May 22, the artist's fans traveled through time and music with Aznavour and the actors of the Yerevan Chamber Theater, became acquainted with Aznavour's disappointments, perseverance, achievements, various manifestations of love, rediscovered the great talented artist and once again they stated: Aznavour is the only one, unique.

Actors of the play, Nerses Markosyan, Davit Abrahamyan and Lara Babayan, managed to create an environment that was impressive, leading to the rich world of chanson with beautiful acting, stage aesthetics and Aznavourian music

During the performance, Aznavour's songs are sung by actors who tell the story of his life, from his birth to his last marriage, which spanned fifty years. It was the last but the strongest.

At the time when Aznavour gave his triumphant concert in Paris, the French newspapers wrote that France had been ennobled. On May 22 and 24, the Yerevan Chamber Theater was ennobled.