The First Step Towards the Restoration of St. Sargis Church in Tigranakert

  • by Western Armenia, May 27, 2024 in Culture

The first step towards the restoration of the St. Sargis Armenian Church, which has been in ruins for years in Tigranakert, is planned to be taken on June 13.

The renovation works will start with the money allocated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, but there is still a need to find a source of additional funding.

The Turkish-language website of the Armenian weekly "Akos" reports about it.

According to the source, St. Sargis, as well as St. Kirakos church, is located in the St. region of Tigranakert.

Saint Sargis Church suffered from  a lot of damage from the February 6 earthquake of last year.

The St. Kirakos Church Foundation of Tigranakert has been working for a long time to find necessary financing for the restoration of St. Sargis Church.

It is planned that in addition to the renovation of the church, adjacent structures will also be built, for example, assembly halls, exhibition halls, etc.

The leadership of St. Kirakos Church Foundation, led by Ergun Ayek, arrived in Istanbul, met with  Armenian Patriarch Sahak Mashalyan and informed him about these works.

According to "Akos" information, in order to complete this project, a total of 60 million Turkish liras (approximately 1,860,307 US dollars) is needed. The foundation and the Armenian community continue to work to raise that amount.