The international premiere of the film “Dawn of the Aurora” about the  Genocide of Armenians will take place in ANNECY  

  • by Western Armenia, May 07, 2022 in Culture

The international premiere of the animated documentary "Dawn of the Aurora '' will take place at ANNECY, the world's most famous animation festival. According to Bars Media, "Dawn of the Aurora'' was selected for a competitive demonstration of feature films. In a statement, Bars Media said: "Realizing that the film will make a great contribution to the dissemination of information about the Armenian pogroms, after seven years of work, we finally present to the world the heroic story of Aurora Mardiganyan, who after the genocide decided to relive her pain in a silent Hollywood film." The author of the script and director of the film is Inna Sahakyan. We want to remind you that Aurora (Arshaluis) Mardiganyan was another girl who witnessed and felt the terrible consequences of the genocide on her skin. During the meeting, issues related to the implementation of a number of projects in Artsakh were discussed. The Aurora Prize is a symbol of gratitude for humanitarian steps.