The Red Carpet of “Golden Apricot” Will be Replaced by the Carpets Made by Local Carpet Masters

  • by Western Armenia, June 27, 2024 in Culture

The "Golden Apricot" international film festival, which will be held in Yerevan on July 7-14, will not have the traditional red carpet of the opening ceremony  in this year.

It will be replaced by carpets made by local carpet masters based on the design of artist David Qochunts which make up the collection of "Location".

There are several reasons for this cancellation.

According to Karen Avetisyan, the director and artistic director of the festival, one of them is to talk about the traditions of Armenian handwork, one of the oldest edges of craftsmanship: carpet weaving.

"It will be much more meaningful and charming if, like a festival poster, every year there is a special carpet created with modern visual solutions  by traditional homemaker women," notef he.