Violinist Ara Malikyan Dedicates the Concert to the 155th Anniversary of Komitas

  • by Western Armenia, June 03, 2024 in Culture

Ara Malikyan, one of the world's best violinists, dedicates his Yerevan concert to the 155th anniversary of Komitas. Before the concert, the artist visited the Komitas Museum-Institute, toured the museum, got acquainted with the exhibits.

He admitted he thought he knew both Komitas' biography and music pretty well, but it turns out there's still a lot to learn.

According to him, although Komitas has traveled a lot, his music is very Armenian and folk.

On the stage with Malikyan there will be musicians with whom the violinist has traveled a long way and performed on prestigious stages of the world.

They are pianist Ivan "Melon" Lewis, double bassist Ivan Ruiz Machado, drummer Georvis Pico Milan, guitarist Diane Abad.