Young French-Armenian singer Anahit Boyajian recently released the song Pomegranate Color in her album “Batsum” 

  • by Western Armenia, May 03, 2023 in Culture

Young Armenian women should pay tribute to their ancestors.

Anahit sings “Color of Pomegranate,” “that red of memory that must be erased.”

“Humanity cannot live forever with the corpse of a murdered people in its basement.” Jean Jaurès

Since the Genocide against the Armenians our struggle is still relevant and our roots are endless, history must not repeat itself.

Anahit grew up with French classical singing. The artist has inherited the Armenian culture, which was passed on to her by her grandparents.

Anahit took singing and violin lessons in kindergarten. “The union of my two cultures has allowed me to approach life more serenely. I need to pass on and share, as my family always has.”

In a conversation with one of the French periodicals, the girl said that the war in Artsakh had “reinforced” her family’s discourse.

“Our thoughts were in Armenia. We Armenians proudly sing our roots and do not lose our culture. I would like to appeal to all the people of the world that we are Armenians, we are still standing, we are still alive, we want to move forward with our heads held high. I will never stop talking about my roots,” said Anahit.