Opening of a Paris Heruni street in Yerevan

  • by Western Armenia, November 25, 2023 in Events

On November 25, 2023, the opening ceremony of the street named after Paris Heruni, the greatest Armenian scientist, radiophysicist, Armenologist and great personality, took place.

  The ceremony, to which the delegation of the Republic of Western Armenia represented by Prime Minister Seda Melikyan and Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Harutyunyan was also invited, was attended by scientists, politicians, supporters and members of the family of Paris Heruni.

Mr. Heruni is one of those rare people who does not give up in the face of any obstacle and who consistently follows the path they have opened. It is a very difficult task, but at the same time very rewarding. The participants of the solemn ceremony spoke in detail about the scientific contribution of scientist Paris Heruni, whose speeches you can read at the link below.

Let's just say that the blood of the EARTH flows in the veins of Paris Heruni, as in all of us, in his case, the blood of the Hadjen. Mr. Heruni was one of those personalities who collect the stones thrown at them and which then become their own stones. God gives these people above great faith in their work and powerful ability to accomplish it. As a gift, the Armenian nation received a powerful army of followers in all fields, who perpetuate the Armenian gene.

Among these faithful are also the citizens of the Republic of Western Armenia, represented by President Armenag Aprahamian, who has continued the work of Poghos Nubar for more than twenty years without encountering obstacles. We know that only a strong national state is capable of correctly assessing its scientific and political potential and building a powerful state, worthy of the legacy left by our ancestors and their noble name.