The Concert of the “Meluses” Rock Group was Held in Yerevan

  • by Western Armenia, May 13, 2024 in Events

The concert of the "Meluses" rock group took place in Eastern Armenia. Reports about this  the Constonopole-Armenian weekly "Akos".

According to Sherif Sary, the author of the publication, the concert organized at the Hard Rock Cafe has aroused quite a lot of interest among the Armenian youth.

According to the source, the concert that took place on the evening of May 4 was attended not only in Western Armenia, but also by Hamshen Armenians and Yerevan youth living in Russia and Abkhazia.

 Although the concert was originally planned to last for 2 hours, it continued for 4 hours due to the great interest and enthusiasm of the audience.

Koray Celik, the soloist of the "Meluses" band, said after the event: "For several years now, we have been making music with my friends in our native Hamshen language (in the Hamshen dialect of the Armenian language. For the first time, after receiving an invitation, we gave a concert in Yerevan. To be honest, we were surprised to discover that our works are so well known here in Armenia and in the surrounding countries.

That interest and the hospitable attitude of the Armenian population were impressive. “Personally, on behalf of me and our group, I would like to thank the manager who offered to give a concert in Yerevan, his group, and our dear partner, Kristine Sahakyan, who introduced us here by performing our songs in Armenia."