“The problems of Shushi residents should be solved as soon as possible” Ashot Harutyunyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 16, 2021 in Events

During a meeting with residents of Shushi in the Yerevan office of Western Armenia, the director of the Museum of the History of the city, historian Ashot Harutyunyan addressed the Government of Western Armenia noting․

“Due to the occupation of the city of Shushi and other districts of the Republic of Artsakh by Turkish-Azerbaijani troops and international terrorists and the threat to the lives of the population, hundreds of families have found refuge in the Republic of Armenia, therefore, in order to solve social and legal problems, we ask you to assist citizens and grant refugee status. Then he touched upon the last Artsakh war and its consequences, as well as all the cases of the capture of Shushi before this war, drawing attention to such important details that were decisive during this war.