The Armenians’s Rich History of Armenians in the Netherlands and Belgium

  • by Western Armenia, February 17, 2024 in Ancient History

Bust of Saint Servatius in Maastricht Basilica (Netherlands)

Armenians rich history in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Part one

Armenian traces in the Netherlands and Belgium come from the old times.

Perhaps the first significant contact  between the two Nation took place in the 4th century, when Armenia became the first Christian country in the world.

 Monks who  professed Christianity spread throughout the world.

One of those missionaries was Servatius, who in the 4th century became one of the first who preached  the Gospel in Western Europe. He is believed to be  the first who  spread Christianity in the Netherlands and became bishop of Tongeren (Belgium).

According to various sources:

Servatius came from Armenia to Western Europe to preach Christianity. He is considered a saint as well as many miracles are attributed to him, some of which continued to be remembered after his death.

Servatius (Dutch: Servaas) is the patron saint of Maastricht (Netherlands), as well as Scheindel (Netherlands) and Grimbergen (Belgium).