Armenian identity

  • by Western Armenia, November 06, 2023 in History


Ar, the sun god, was endowed with a peaceful nature and beautiful universal qualities. When compared with other deities of Asia Minor, the peaceful character of the image of the god Ar is immediately noticeable.

So. On the festivals of Bel-Marduk, Tammuz, Attis, Mollok and other gods, ceremonies of self-fertilization and self-incarnation took place and children were sacrificed to Mollok. The Assyrian inscriptions (Salmanesar 1st, Tiglathpilesar 3rd) testify to the raids undertaken in the name of the Assyrian god and under his patronage and to the brutal destruction, pillage and murder during this period. The peaceful character of his image, the solar god Ar has preserved it for many millennia, carrying an attractive, widespread ideology, becoming a “universal religion”.

Due to its very high antiquity, it is difficult to precisely determine the period of origin and evolution of the description of the god Ar.