Armenian identity

  • by Western Armenia, November 10, 2023 in History

In the current complex period of development of Western and Eastern Armenia and the Armenian nation, the question of Armenian identity is not only of academic interest, but also has serious practical importance.

A strong national identity is a strategic resource in the process of building and strengthening the national state, while the blurring of national identity does not contribute anything, but rather hinders the unification of the individual and society around national issues and objectives. After all, who is Armenian today? Even if the question is delicate and touches the feelings of millions of people (especially our compatriots living abroad), it is still necessary to answer it. In order to adequately approach the subject, let us begin by comprehensively presenting the situation in which the Armenian nation finds itself today, indisputable realities that we are obliged to see and accept as they are, instead of to turn a blind eye, as a large part of Armenians do.

It is worth mentioning the most urgent danger, the serious possibility of a methodically planned and meticulously prepared Azerbaijani invasion with the participation of the Turkish government, after the successful implementation of which, after the occupation of Artsakh and the territory liberated adjacent, the disappearance of Eastern Armenia from the world map will become inevitable, because the next blow (if not simultaneous) will be delivered to the last barrier separating the two Turkish allies, the Syunik, which is deprived of the possibility of surviving without the Artsakh “barrier”.