Assimilation, Re-assimilation and Hamshenis

  • by Western Armenia, May 17, 2024 in History

"Western Armenia TV" continues to present another remarkable article by Mahir Ozkan, thanks to which we discover the people of Hamsh in a new way.

"While economic, social, political and religious struggles facilitate assimilation, the national struggle complicates it."

In the case of struggles outside the framework of the struggle for national demands, the inevitably developing relations with the majority people naturally become the reason for people to prioritize the demands of those struggles.

And this gives rise to the fact that the representatives of the minority peoples disappear over time and are assimilated into the majority.

However, we notice that the main part of the people fighting for the preservation of the identity of the people of Hamshen are people with "left-wing" political traditions.

 No matter how contradictory it may seem, in fact, this circumstance has a logical interpretation. It will not be wrong to emphasize that the fact that the Kurdish movement has brought the national issue to the agenda of the country and the left-wing currents has ensured that the "leftists" and socialists from other nations also think and take a stand on the problems of their peoples.

Therefore, it is true that the spheres of economic, social, political and religious struggle accelerate assimilation.

However, at the same time, it opens areas of struggle against it. When peoples under the threat of assimilation wage this struggle in the direction of their languages ​​and culture, it can have the exact opposite effect.

As an example, the following fact can be cited: the struggle for ecology in the Black Sea region and Dersim is at the same time the struggle to preserve the habitat of languages ​​and cultures.

Dissociated from the language and culture of the people, the social struggles carried out entirely on the basis of the language and culture of the majority accelerate assimilation. However, if social struggles are waged in such a way that minority peoples can participate in them with their own identity, can express themselves, then such struggles will not serve assimilation.