Assimilation, Re-assimilation and Hamshenis 

  • by Western Armenia, May 18, 2024 in History

"Western Armenia TV" continues to present another remarkable article by Mahir Ozkan due to which we discover Hamshenis  people in a new way.

Is reintegration possible?

Subject to the class differences that have appeared among any people in the process of assimilation, in the case of the creation of a class of the young bourgeoisie, the assimilated parts of the given people return to their former national affiliation and take ownership of their roots.

Bauer explains this process through the concept of "refusion". Sinan Ozbek, based on the information received from Rohat Alakom, in his article points to the Middle Anatolian kurds living in Sweden as an example. The latter, when they had forgotten their language when they moved to Sweden and were basically assimilated (to the Turks), in the following years they undertook the task of learning their mother tongue and gave their children Kurdish names. In a sense, the Kurds in Europe have become Kurds again.

According to Bauer, "the process of re-fusion implies a national ability to form national literature, national press and national political movements".

This also shows the process taking place in Turkey. although the political and economic conditions speed up the assimilation, nevertheless, they reveal the dynamics going against it, and in some places it is possible to turn that process in the opposite direction.

Well, is it possible to stop the assimilation of the Hamshen people and reintegrate their assimilated parts?

It is difficult to answer this question. As you can see, the answer to this depends on whether the people of Hamshen, who spend most of their energy on ecological, social, and class struggles, will consider themselves as individuals of the majority or Hamshens in that struggle.

It is quite possible that the answer lies in the hands of Western Armenia.