Assimilation, Re-assimilation and Hamshenis 

  • by Western Armenia, May 16, 2024 in History

In the context of the accelerated assimilation process in occupied Western Armenia in recent decades, Hamshen's Armenians have also started a certain struggle against assimilation, especially their progressive representatives and intellectuals with left-wing views.

As is known, the Hamshen dialect of the Armenian language in Occupied Western Armenia, according to UNESCO data, is among the languages ​​in danger of extinction.

In order to preserve the Hamshen language and culture, as early as 2011. The HATIK union was founded in Istanbul, and in 2014, again in Turkey, the Hamshen magazine "Gor" began to be published.

Mahir Ozkan, one of Hamshen Armenian intellectuals, has made an invaluable contribution to these works, whose efforts to preserve the native language and culture are also visible from Yerevan.

Many of his articles were often translated and published on the official website of the study of Western Armenia and Western Armenian issues.

Western Armenia TV presents without cuts another remarkable article by Mahir Ozkan, thanks to which it becomes obvious that some representatives of Hamshen Armenian intellectuals living in Occupied Western Armenia continue the struggle for preserving their identity, and also search for new ways and means to oppose the Turkish policy of assimilation. .