I ACCUSE AZERBAIJAN: Survivor testimony of the 1990 January pogroms against Armenians in Baku (17)

  • by Éditeur, January 15, 2017 in History
In response to Nagorno Karabakh's peaceful calls for democracy and self-determination, Azerbaijani authorities targeted Armenian communities living in various cities of the country over the course of 1988-90 --in Sumgait (February 27-29, 1988), Kirovabad (November 21-27, 1988), Baku (January 13-19, 1990) and elsewhere - killing, raping, maiming and torturing a defenseless civilian population in racially motivated attacks. The policies of ethnic cleansing of Armenians from Azerbaijan spilled over to Nagorno Karabakh, triggering an all-out war in 1992-94 that claimed thousands of lives. While 1994 ceasefire agreement never transformed into comprehensive peace accord due to Azerbaijani leadership’s continuous pursuit of its aggressive agenda, the Nagorno Karabakh Republic was again subject of Azerbaijani aggression on April 2-5, 2016, in so-called Four Day War. In 2016 Azerbaijan was again defeated by Armenian forces.