Ottoman Empire distorted demography of Western Armenia from 1878-1914

  • by Éditeur, September 23, 2015 in History
ARMENPRESS - Author Robert Tatoyan in his newly published book “The question of Western Armenian population in 1878-1914”, proves that the data on Armenian population in the Ottoman Turkey was distorted by Ottoman authorities for political reasons. After the presentation of the book at the Armenian Genocide MuseumInstitute, Robert Tatoyan emphasized that1878-1914 was the period when the Armenian reform package together with the issues of the Armenian population and the ratio of ethnic groups in 6 Provinces of Western Armenia were on the agenda of international diplomacy. The government of the Ottoman Empire distorted the number of the population in Western Armenia under those conditions. “The book is comprised of three chapters. In the first chapter I have introduced the distortion of the number of Western Armenia population by the Ottoman government for political reasons. I also introduced the factors that had an objective impact on distorting the number of the population. The matter is that the Armenian population avoided taxation. Hence, they avoided being registered as well. In the second chapter I have introduced the statistical data of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, censuses, and the factors that had an impact on those data. In the third chapter I have introduced raising those data in diplomatic procedures”, Tatoyan mentioned. Read full article at: