Pontian identity – N. Lygeros, O. Raptopoulou

  • by Éditeur, November 04, 2015 in History
In order for every Pontian to obtain identity the steps are simple since the means is the identification card of Western Armenia with the map which is described by the Wilson plan. And how can you not fly up with joy when you connect the future with the past. You are no longer in shame not knowing where you are from, because now you have your identity of the place from where your predecessors were born. By this innovation, it is possible for the gap to be covered made by the generations which, due to society, had left their roots inside oblivion, because they didn't know exactly from which part of Pontus their people had come from. Because it is not necessary to be a noble in order to learn the value of your genealogical tree. Because with this process each of us is forced, in a good sense, to learn about his own ramifications. Also you provide to your people your paradigm and you allow the next ones to hold on to you in an even more stable and resistant manner. So they also will grow the tree of Pontus with evidence and not only stories which are generalities and many times are, ultimately, without basis. In other words, you help them participate in a practical manner to the struggle of the people even on a personal level. Because this is the context of liberation. Armenity and Hellenism help each other and succeed in moving further beyond even the discussions of 1919. Isn't this the transcendence of an entire peoples, which occurs with each conscious unit that belongs to a team that has a mission. And the steps are so simple that there is no excuse for inaction.     http://www.lygeros.org/articles?n=21723&l=en