The hellenic-armenian friendship in practice – N. Lygeros

  • by Éditeur, November 03, 2015 in History
Between Armenians and Greeks much is said but little is done, because bottom line, even if there is a positive framework much remains at that. Even for the genocides we have suffered we had problems, when after Armenia proposed years ago to recognize the genocide of the Greeks of Pontus it is Greece itself through a political party who rejected it so that Turkey is not disturbed. The funny thing is of course that this year in 2015 there was the recognition and nothing happened from Turkey's side which anyway had to face many more recognitions of the genocide of the Armenians. So we must realize that the issue of the identity of Western Armenia creates a clear field of action for those who believe in the solidarity of the indigenous peoples and to the struggle for the liberation of the Occupied Territories. And when we see some reactions it concerns just and only discrimination which has been hidden and now it appears because it cannot do otherwise. In this effort we follow the steps which Greece and Armenia wanted since 1919 and it appeared officially with the Wilson plan and the Serves Treaty. We follow the decision of the United Nations with their Charta for the rights of indigenous peoples. And that occurred, grace to the struggle of the Aborigines in Australia . This way we see also in Bolivia hands on applications of this idea. This charta considers that these peoples are wealth to the common heritage of Mankind. So with the third article we see that it allows the indigenous peoples the right of self-determination. And in this manner they can determine freely their political regime and can ensure freely their growth in the field of economy, society and civilization. It is these ideas that we follow.