“Heroic Battle of Van”

  • by Western Armenia, April 12, 2024 in History

In the spring of 1915, the Armenians of Van struggled  for their identity and the right to live in their own homes. Western Armenia TV presents the timeline of April 12-13.

 Starting from April 12, battles are fought in all parts of Aygestan for several days. The enemy attacks continuously. The Turkish command deploys the cavalry, but in no result  the Armenian self-defenders do not retreat.

On April 12, the Turkish fortress in front of the Sahak Bay position caught fire, Turks were killed in various positions. On this day, a large number of refugees move to Aygestan.  April  On April 13, the situation was relatively calm.The bulletin published by the body says that some of the enemy fighters were killed, The Turks failed to implement the plan, leaving behind their weapons, they left.