32 Years Ago the Pogroms of Maragha Took Place

  • by Western Armenia, April 11, 2024 in Modern History

In 1992 on April 10, units of the Azerbaijani armed forces massacred the Armenian civilian population in Maragha village of Martakert district of Artsakh.

Pogroms in Maragha are another way of Baku,s  policy of hatred and enmity towards Armenians. After a prolonged shelling on April 10,Baku,s armed units attacked the village of Maragha, slaughtering civilians and destroying the village.

Moreover, Shahin Taghiyev, one of the commanders who carried out the Maragha massacre, was awarded the title of "national hero", serving as an example for  Ramil Safarov, in 2016 for April war, and  for 2020 Baku  war criminals  to  the Artsakh people.

After 2020, Baku continued its aggressive and genocidal actions: the forced deportation of Armenians of Artsakh  the purposeful destruction of cultural heritage. Baku's actions should be properly assessed and condemned by the international community, and the perpetrators of war crimes should be brought to justice.

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