On the Issue of the Armenians of Western Armenia (1955)

  • by Western Armenia, March 02, 2024 in Modern History

"Western Armenia TV" presents  you the last third article about the EVENTS  in 1955, SEPTEMBER 6-7.

Turkish courts initially charged 4,480 people with the events of September 6-7, but during time, the charges were dropped from some of them, and in 1955 , 3933 people were released. In 1956 in January, 61 people were acquitted, only 228 people were convicted, and  with a  fairly mild sanctions.

The turkish judicial system also referred to the events later in  1955 of September 6-7.

 In 1960 On October 14, on the island of Yassiada in the Sea of ​​Marmara  the trial of 592 different officials removed from their power as a result of the May 27 military coup, including the former President of Turkey Jelal Bayar, Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, ministers, and deputies.

Among the charges presented were also:the massacres against Greeks and Armenians in Istanbul, Izmir and other places in 1955 on September 6 and 7.

All this shows that even the Turkish law enforcement agencies were not able to completely cover up the massacres organized by the Turkish authorities in the middle of the 20th century.

We should also add that the events of September 6-7 caused scandalous revelations in the turkish political field, and both the opposition People's Party and the ruling Democratic Party made statements and speeches criticizing and exposing each other.

However, the most scandalous revelation related to September 6-7 came later  based on various facts and evidence, it was revealed that the bombing of Ataturk's house in Thessaloniki was actually organized by the Turkish special services through their agents.

In fact, both the Thessaloniki operation, the holding of protest rallies in Istanbul and other cities, and the attacks of armed terrorist groups on the houses and shops of Greeks and Armenians were part of a single plan, the organizer of which was the turkish government with its respective structures.

In 1955 interesting and often scandalous revelations continue to emerge about the events of September 6-7, data that shed additional light on what happened and more clearly present the criminal behavior of the turkish authorities.