On the Issue of the Armenians of Western Armenia (1955)

  • by Western Armenia, March 01, 2024 in Modern History

Western Armenia TV continues to present you, the events in 1955, of September 6,7.

The facts allow us to claim that different classes of society participated in the massacres,  workers, party members, members of youth organizations.

It won t be unmeaningful to note that there were also women and girls in the ranks of the destroyers, who actively participated in the looting of non-Muslim shops, houses, and workshops, as there are photographs kept on it.

Moreover, three of the girls - Hilmiye Chalishkan, Nurshen Ozbakir, Hidayet Ozbakir - wanted to set fire to the Balıkl Armenian Hospital with the Christian patients inside.

The same methods were used in Izmir, and groups of rioters attacked and looted the Armenian and Greek neighborhoods of the city.

In addition, the mob attacked the Greek consulate building in Izmir, vandalized it and then set it on fire, causing the building to burn to the ground.

Protest  also took place in Ankara, Bursa, Eskisehir, Adana, but there were no mass looting and destruction cases.

Both during the events, immediately after it, and later, many undeniable facts emerged that prove that everything was carefully in advance  planned and organized by the state.

First of all, the behavior of the police during the actual incidents indicated that the incidents were organized and instructed by the authorities.

Thus, the police did not intervene in any way and prevent the massacres, moreover, they sometimes encouraged and directed the criminals, and  cheered them on.

 There are surviving photographs of policemen smiling and sometimes pointing in the direction of a criminal mob.

One of the most characteristic examples is when a non-Muslim citizen asked the police for help, he replied: "I'm not a policeman today, I'm a turk."

Later, it was found out that a few hours before the incidents, all the police stations received an order from above not to leave the police building and not to interfere with the incidents in any way.

For two whole days, the Turkish authorities allowed the gassed crowd to carry out the slaughter and looting of Greeks and Armenians, and only on September 7, they declared a state of emergency in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, bringing troops and tanks into Konstantinopolis. Prime Minister Menderes initially presented these incidents as a manifestation of the spontaneous anger of the Turkish people, but after a few days the official version changed and an unfounded claim was spread, according to which it was all organized and instigated by Turkish communists and even about 2000 people were arrested for having communist views.

Since there were many representatives of youth student organizations among the direct organizers and participants of those events, the co-chairman of the "National Student Federation of Turkey" Gultekin Ozdener made a statement, who, referring to the official bodies, also expressed the opinion that the culprits of the events were the communists, and that statement immediately disseminated in the press.

As a demonstrative move, the authorities fired Interior Minister Namek Gedik.

In the end, the turkish authorities are forced to start a court case regarding the events of September 6-7, and even the official data that appeared during that time document the enormous scope and organization of all of it.

Thus, according to the data of the turkish courts, in 1955 During the events of September 6-7, 4,214 shops, 1,004 houses, 73 churches, 1 synagogue, 2 monasteries, 26 schools, as well as a factory, hotel, bar, cemetery, pharmacy, laboratory, of Greeks and Armenians were attacked as well as a   printing house a total of 5622 objects.

15 people were killed, five of them Greek clergy.

It is no coincidence that a significant number of people  who were attacked and seriously injured were Christian clergymen, who, as during the genocide against Armenian, were the primary target this time as well.