On May 17, 1992, the Artsakh Defense Army liberated the city of Berdzor,thus connecting the Kashatagh region with the Goris region

  • by Western Armenia, May 18, 2023 in History

The opening of the Berdzor Humanitarian Corridor on 17-18 May 1992 was a military operation carried out by the Armenian forces (the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Defense Army) against the Azerbaijani armed forces during the Artsakh Liberation War. This military operation is considered one of the seminal operations of the Artsakh war due to its strategic importance, as it provided a land link between the Berdadzor sub-district of the Shushi region of the Republic of Artsakh and the Goris region of the Republic of Armenia. The shelling of a number of Armenian settlements was stopped and the Azerbaijani army lost its strategic heights and the link between the northern and southern units.

Early in the morning of May 18, Armenian forces entered the city of Berdzor, then called Lachin, and took control of the entire territory of the settlement. After that, the entire Goris-Stepanakert highway came under the control of the Armenian forces.

On the same day, the land connection with the Republic of Armenia was organized through a temporary bridge built over the Aghavno River, as the main bridge was blown up by Azerbaijani troops. The destroyed bridge is restored on May 19.

It should be noted that the north-central part of the Kashatagh region of the Artsakh Republic has an ancient and rich history. As evidenced by the ancient monuments found in the region, this part of the region, consisting of Berdzor, has been inhabited since ancient times. This region corresponds to the Syunik province of Greater Hayk, which existed in the 4th-5th centuries BC.

The government of Western Armenia proudly states that the Artsakh Liberation Movement has been able to unite the forces of all Armenians around Boghos Nubar's idea of the continuity of the Armenian state recognized by more than twenty states. This Armenian statehood took its final formulation in Shushi in 2004 through the efforts of one of the leaders of the Artsakh Liberation War, special forces instructor and President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan. And why in Shushi? We think this is obvious, because it was the first liberated region of the confiscated territories of the Armenian state and it was necessary to start the liberation of our confiscated territories. Even now this issue is topical and on our agenda.