On the Issue of Armenians of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, December 14, 2023 in History

After the signing of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty, the government of Transcaucasia faces a difficult problem: whether to recognize that treaty or not. Immediately after the signing of the contract, Vehib, the commander of the Turkish army on the Caucasian front, sent a telegram to Lebedinsky, the commander of the Caucasian troops, demanding to liberate the provinces of Kars, Ardahan and Batumi as soon as possible.

“Your Excellency, the Russian Republic and the Russian government, having agreed to empty the regions of Batumi, Kars and Ardahan, have just signed the peace treaty. Therefore, I consider it necessary to inform you that I have just now received a telegram from my Generalissimo to ask you to vacate the said regions as soon as possible."

 Vehib Mehmed

In another telegram, Vehib informed Lebedinsky that the Armenians are allegedly continuing violence against the Muslim population of the Karin region, that s is why the Turks themselves are forced to "immediately take measures to liberate the mentioned places". The alleged violence committed by the Armenians was just an occasion to start Karin's attack.

1918 On February 23, representatives of Transcaucasia authorities left for Trabzon. Having received the Turkish demand to vacate Kars, Batum and Ardahan, a telegram was sent to Vehib on behalf of the presidents of the Transcaucasian Sejm and the Government, Chkheidze and Gegechkori, in which a request was made, "Should we examine the issue of vacating the mentioned regions, and does the Turkish government not want to…. to start reconciliation negotiations with Transcaucasia"

1918 on the evening of February 26, the Transcaucasian Seim convenes an emergency session and discusses the demand of the Turks. Representatives of different factions are speaking

Except for Musavat MP Khan Khoysk, all of them suggest to be consistent and to stand firmly to the position of the Sejm, which was previously established, that is, to conclude a final peace with Turkey in the Trabzon negotiations. Khan Khoisky said that there was no need to take separate steps until the members of the delegation returned from Trebizond.

As for Turkey's ultimatum, according to Khan Khoyski, it was natural and completely understandable.

"Turkey offered you to send representatives to Brest-Litovsk and participate in the negotiations conducted there. You refused. There was a proposal to declare Transcaucasia an independent state. You procrastinated.

Isn't it natural that now, considering Transcaucasia as a part of Russia, he concluded peace all the territory of Russia?", Khan Khoyski justified the Turks (Mshak, March 1, 1918, No. 44).

And the large Transcaucasia delegation on the ship "Karol Karl" (King Karl) was waiting for the representatives of the Turkish side to appear on the beach of Trabzon.

Transcaucasian authorities had no authority or legitimacy to speak on behalf of the Armenians of Western Armenia to negotiate with the Turks over the future of the Kars, Batum and Ardahan regions, where the occupation continues till this day.