On the Issue of Armenias in Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, December 05, 2023 in History

The Turks, being perfectly aware of the retreat of the Russian army and the internal problems in Transcaucasia (some of which were caused by their instigation), were gradually preparing the ground for the attack.

On the basis of that letter, an order was issued by the commander-in-chief of the Caucasus Army to immediately stop all kinds of violence against the Muslim population.

On January 16, Vehib Pasha again sent a letter to the commander-in-chief, complaining about the atrocities of the Armenians, who allegedly killed the inhabitants. Although Vehib was told that the information he had was not true, which was also confirmed by Colonel Morel, the commander of the Yerznka detachment, and the commissar of Baberd, the Turkish army went on the attack at the end of January.