On the question of the Armenians of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, November 28, 2023 in History

On December 17, a meeting took place in the hall of the Tiflis Art Society with Arshak Jamalyan, who had just returned from Erznka and reported new information about the situation on the front. Describing the alarming situation, Jamalyan said that the Armenian people are on the brink: they must either be saved once and for all or destroyed forever. “And it will not be destroyed if it reveals all its capacities: intellectual, scientific, monetary, etc., from the worker to the capitalist, from the peasant to the intellectual.”

Development, December 15, 1917, No. 262

“Comrade warriors, you, as Armenians, as children of the Caucasus, must understand that if the front does not remain impassable until the end of the peace negotiations, the enemy will use all means to penetrate in our borders and turn the beautiful Caucasus into hell, as happened with Turkish Armenia, which you witnessed.

Know that we must not retreat a single step from the population line of the front, which was reached with the red blood of hundreds of thousands of victims, where the remnants of our suffering people drag out their existence and where we must recreate freedom and justice.

Finally, only there, firmly positioned in forward positions, can we be safe about the condition of our families, because the further away the enemy is, the more difficult it will be for him to rush into the Caucasus and deliver him to his sword and his fire. ".

"In the end, many intelligent people among those present made themselves available to the National Council. One lady - Hripsime Margaryan - tore off a large gold coin from her forehead and gave it as a gift, an intelligent woman removed the bracelet from his arm and put it on the president's table. Public figure Hovhannes Malkhasyan announced that from that day he would place himself at the disposal of the National Council. A 63-year-old man was enrolled voluntarily, stating that although he cannot carry a gun, he can be a “van driver”.

A fundraiser was launched in Tiflis for the formation of Armenian units, in which ordinary people actively participated. Where possible, they sent drams for the training of various Armenian military units, reports of which were published in newspapers.

Armenian women also appealed to defend the homeland, enlist and support the men on the front lines. In one of these appeals, it was mentioned that the women left behind have a lot to do: they must join the Sisters of Charity groups, help the families of those on the war front, boost morale and give support. hope for the weakest.

Thus the Armenian National Council of Tiflis did not support the defense of so-called Turkish Western Armenia, although it was recognized as independent by Russia on December 29, 1917. In the same way that the Republic of Eastern Armenia did not support the 'Artsakh after the 2020 war. (WA)

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