Amberd is on the short list of “7 most endangered” monuments in Europe in 2024

  • by Western Armenia, February 05, 2024 in Patrimony

Amberd Historical and Cultural Reserve has been shortlisted in the "7 Most Endangered" list of the program as one of the 11 most endangered heritage sites in Europe.

"Europa Nostra", the European voice of the civil society dedicated to cultural and natural heritage and the European Investment Bank (EIB) institute have announced that in Europe and in 2024 Names of monuments and heritage sites included in the "7 most endangered" program.

Executive President of "Europa Nostra", Dr. Prof. Herman Parzinger stated: “Selected heritage sites are at risk to demolition, inappropriate development, the devastating impact of natural disasters, due to  neglect or lack of funding.

By publishing this shortlist, we want to send a message of support to the activists and local communities who are deeply committed to saving these places.

Europe's heritage must be preserved not only as a testament to our shared past, but also as a catalyst for a stable, united and peaceful future." According to Shiva Dustdaa, Dean of the European Investment Bank Institute, Cultural heritage is a key resource for European identity, attractiveness and economic growth.