Armenian national costume is a reflection of mentality of our people: Gohar Torosyan

  • by Western Armenia, February 05, 2024 in Patrimony

Within the cooperation with Western Armenia TV, Journalist Gohar Torosyan provided our editorial office with several photos from her personal archive that characterize  Armenian girl and  Armenian identity.

According to Torosyan, the national costume, the Armenian costume, is a reflection of the thinking of our people.

It has not only expressed our identity, but has also been one of the forces that maintain that identity, having a centuries-old history and being as rich and diverse as our polyglot language.

Due to certain historical circumstances, two costume complexes were formed: Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian.

Social, festive, gender-age and even professional differences were vividly expressed in costume complexes.

And this is the reason that by looking at the given costume, people immediately understood what class the person wearing that costume belonged to.

The costume complexes of Western and Eastern Armenia differ in that the women's costume in Western Armenia was more luxurious, richer in gold and silver embroidery.

Another significant difference was that in all the western provinces the apron was a mandatory part of a woman's costume. It was tied at the waist, chest or shoulder.

The costumes of Vaspurakan, High Armenia, Sassoon, as well as the costumes of the Armenian-inhabited regions of Cilicia and Small Armenia have entered into the costume complex of Western Armenia.

The latter are distinguished by floral and geometrical ornaments, which were present in both women's and men's clothing. They wore high-art jewelry, which completed the costume complex.

The costume of Western and Eastern Armenia was also different for men. In the eastern provinces, the Caucasian costume, which consisted of underwear, a short top, and a chukha, was widespread. In winter, they wore a wide mushkat without a belt, and a lamb or sheepskin hat was worn on their heads. The costume of Western Armenians was different. It consisted of pants with embroidered elements, a short sleeveless dress, a shirt, a short top. The sleeves of the shirt were decorated with embroidery. They tied a woolen belt around their backs and put on white cone-shaped hats.