Armenian St. Sarkis Church in Tigranakert Wll be Rebuilt

  • by Western Armenia, June 05, 2024 in Patrimony

The destroyed Armenian Church of Saint Sargis will be rebuilt  in Tigranakert (Diarbekir) province of Western Armenia.

The works are planned to start on July 13 of this year.

A draft has been developed  for the restoration of the church  for a long time by the St. Kirakos Church Foundation, which was approved by the Council of Monuments of Turkey.

Within the framework of the draft, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey allocated 5 million turkish liras (more than 155 thousand dollars), but for a full  compilation of the draft,  it is necessary to find 1 more honorarium.

It is worth  reminding you that the church was also damaged by the strong earthquake that occurred in Turkey  on February 6, 2023.