Armenian tombstones with crosses of Kars destroyed

  • by Western Armenia, July 14, 2023 in Patrimony

Tombstones with scattered crosses, most of which are in a ruined state, have been spotted in Kars.

This is reported by the Turkish news agency Ikhlas.

According to the source, for the construction of new buildings, which began several years ago in the city of Kars, the Uçler quarter was devastated, where graves with crosses are destroyed day by day.

Some of them have been destroyed by treasure seekers, while the other part has been taken under the protection of local residents.

In the place known as the Armenian cemetery, tombstones of different sizes with crosses engraved on them were found.

Local residents note that there is a ruined church in these parts, believing that such historical exhibits can be displayed in a museum, thus contributing to the development of tourism in the region.