Baku Continues to Falsify

  • by Western Armenia, June 06, 2024 in Patrimony

In the report broadcasted on the Baku TV channel AZTV, it is mentioned that the Armenian side destroyed the cemetery in Ivanyan (Khojalu), causing great damage to the tombs and archeological materials.

The video also says that the Armenians allegedly damaged the Muslim mausoleum by tearing off its facing stones.

The Monument Watch team reminds Baku that during Soviet times, there was a settlement of Baku near the mausoleum, whose inhabitants carried out agricultural activities in those areas, took stone from those areas for the construction of their houses, which significantly damaged the mausoleum.

The airport built there, which was built in the Soviet years by the Baku authorities, also caused damage.

As for the Islamic mausoleum, it has been without facing stones for a long time.

During the years of independence, it was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of Artsakh, was preserved by the state and remained in the same pre-war condition.