They want to destroy the cultural heritage of the Alevis of Samosat

  • by Western Armenia, March 11, 2023 in Patrimony

In Samosat-Adiyaman, where powerful earthquakes occurred on February 6, many people were killed and injured, thousands of buildings were destroyed and a large number of buildings and structures, including historical and cultural ones, were damaged.

Veli Buyukshahin, one of the members of the Alevi organization “Uryan Hazer Hearth”, described the governor’s decision towards the 150-year-old Alevi Hearth organization: “The earthquake occurred in a densely populated Alevi region, where there is a very important cultural heritage belonging to the Alevi community.

This heritage has been with us for hundreds of years. One of its examples is “Uryan Heather Hearth”, of which I am one of the sons. I must say with pain that this shrine was demolished and razed two days ago. We are witnessing a fact that the state authorities approach our faith with disdain and want to reduce the shrine to nothing.

This heritage should not be treated as a ruin. The historical, cultural and religious importance should be taken into account. After the earthquake, we saw cracks in the walls, but the relevant authorities decided that this was an emergency and demolished our shrine with high-speed construction machinery. Thus, the legacy of culture and faith left by five generations was destroyed.”