Historical   Bichanak  Village of Nakhijevan

  • by Western Armenia, June 29, 2024 in Patrimony

The historical   Bichanak  village in Nakhijevan is located on the upper sides  of the Nakhijevan River below the mountain  pass of Sisian on the road from Shahbuz to Sisian.

It is one of the big villages of Shahbuz region, and  is located at the edge of the forest, on the bank of the river.

The historical Armenian name of the village was Opik, in the past the village was also known as "Marni Posht".

Before the migration of Armenians, it was called Bjnak, and later in Armenian literature the village continued to be called by the same name.

At present there is the destroyed village of "Marni Posht", where there are still ruins of the Armenian church.

about 3 km above the  village and a large number of Armenian tombstones were found around the spring on the road to Sisian.

Antiquities around the village of Bichanak prove that that place, the forest clearings, were ancient Armenian settlements.

Above the current village, in Batabat place, there are ruins of an Armenian medieval village: a ruined church, a cemetery, traces of houses.

It is not known when life stopped in the village of  "Marni Posht" and when the current village was established, but it is known that in 1677 Sharif Khan destroyed the village and put a part of the population to the sword.