Merchants of Montpellier were Granted Tax Privileges by the King Oshin  In a Document Dated 1307

  • by Western Armenia, July 04, 2024 in Patrimony

In the photo  is an original photograph of a document from 1307, in which the Armenian ruler of Kilikia, King Oshin, grants tax privileges to the merchants of Montpellier.

With this, merchants had the right to freely enter and trade in the ports of the  Kingdom of Kilikia.

In 1307 on November 17, the young king Levon IV and his uncle Hetum II were killed near the fortress  Anavarza after being trapped by the Mongol colonel.

Oshin announced his rights to the throne.

He was opposed by his elder brother, the former King Smbat, who wanted to become king again after returning from Constantinople.

A fight started between the brothers, and Oshin win.

The official coronation took place in 1309, on September 4,  in Tarsus, in the Church of St. Sophia.

Oshin Hetumyan (January 10, 1283-July 20, 1320) was the 13th king of Armenian Kingdom of  Kilikia. He was  originally  from Hetumyan family.

Oshin was born in 1283 in the family of King Levon B and Queen Keran belonging to the royal family.

He was the youngest son of the family.