The oldest carts in the world are situated  in Eastern Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, January 09, 2024 in Patrimony

More than a dozen rich tombs were excavated in Armenia.

The most impressive excavations were in Lchashen, on the border of Lake Sevan, where more than a dozen almost complete four-wheeled and two-wheeled carts, as well as two-wheeled chariots with spokes, were found.

Two of these carts are in the National Museum of Eastern Armenia. The four strong wheels are made of three oak planks, and inside of it is covered with wicker.

In her Chronology (Chronology of the Horse, 2007), Beverly Davis describes these carts as follows: These are the oldest carts in the world, 4000 years old."

Wagons were also included in Professor Stuart Piggott's classic book The Earliest Wheeled Transport.