The Well-preserved Famous Castles  and Fortresses of Western Armenia: Ughtis (Olti) Fortress City-heritage

  • by Western Armenia, May 21, 2024 in Patrimony

The fortress  city of Ughtis or Olti is located on the bank of of the Olti River, a right-hand affluent of the Chorrokh River.

In ancient times, it  was in the Okaghe province of the Taik province of Mets Hayq, Greater Armenia,  It was mentioned for the first time by the 10th century historian Hovhannes Draskhanakertsi, however, it existed from earlier times. It first belonged to the Mamikoniants dynasty then it passed to the Bagratunis dynasty

In the 10th century, it was the center of Tycoon rule. In 1001, together with the kyuropaghat  of Tayq, it was annexed to the Byzantine Empire. Later, it came under the control of Seljuk Turks, Mongols, and then Ak-koyunlu and Kara-koyunlu Turkmen nomadic tribes.

From the 16th century it was connected  to the Ottoman Empire.

In 1877-1878 after the Russo-Turkish war, it passed to the Russian Empire and was included in Olti district of Kars marz, becoming its center.

At the beginning of April 1918, it was captured by Turkish troops invading Transcaucasia, who displaced and almost completely massacred the local Armenians. In 1919, on May it was joined to Eastern Armenia. In 1920,  September  Turkish troops led by Kyazim Karabekir captured Olti and the fortress of Ughtis. Olti is now in Occupied Western Armenia.

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