Toponyms of Artsakh. Dadivank or Khutavank 

  • by Western Armenia, March 13, 2023 in Patrimony

Dadivank is located in the village of Dadivank of Shahumyan region, on the slope of Dadivank mountain, on the left bank of Tartar river. According to tradition, the church was founded in the 1st century by Dade, a disciple of the apostles of Christ Thaddeus, who preached Christianity in this region of Armenia. During the excavations conducted in 2007, the relics of the holy apostle Dade were found under the altar of one of the churches of the monastic complex.

The church was first mentioned in the historical records by Mkhitar Gosh, who lived and worked in Dadivank for some time.

The first buildings of the monastery complex were built in the 9th century. But in the 12th century, the complex was burned down by Seljuk invaders and was restored more than two decades later.

The complex includes two churches, two chapels, congregational cells, a library, a refectory, a guest house and other buildings. The main church of the monastery is the Katoghike, which was built in 1214. In the area adjacent to the Katoghike, there is a 13th-century single-nave church and a vestibule. The bell tower of the monastery was also built in the 13th century.