We and our Place Names 

  • by Western Armenia, February 13, 2024 in Patrimony

Many Armenian geographical names turkes changed to be suitable for their  pronunciation. For example, the  name of the village Chprgegh they changed to "Jeber". The village is situated In Western Armenia, in Karin Province, Qghi Province, north-east of Qghi village, on the left side of the middle stream of the right-hand Qghi tributary of the Aratsani River. 

In Western Armenia, in the Akna province of the Kharberdi province, southeast of the city of Akn, not far from it, the village name Tsaplvar is located on the right side of the Yeprat River, they have adapted the name of the village to their pronunciation,and changer it to ..Zablvar...

In the map included in Polatyan's book "History of Armenian Arabkir" the village is designated as Zablvar.

This is the village immortalized in Yervand Otyan's satirical work "Mission to Tsaplvar".

Turks also adapted the name of Jinjjur or Chenjur to Chenjulthe, which is situated  left tributary of the Chorokh River, which flows 20 km northeast of Baberd city and flows into the Black Sea, in the Armenian highlands, in Western Armenia, in Baberd province of Karini province, changing it to Chenjul.