We and our placenames

  • by Western Armenia, January 31, 2024 in Patrimony

Armenian place names are among the most sacred relics inherited by the Armenian people, like Armenian historical monuments, Armenian manuscripts and books.

Armenian place names are  valuable part in the cultural heritage of the Armenian people, most of which are located in the territory of Western Armenia that was occupied by the Turks.

Chronologically, Armenian place names are mentioned starting from the cuneiform period and reaching the present day.

They are mentioned in the Urartian period, in the Middle Ages (eg Agravakar, a fortress in the Vaspuran world of Greater Armenia, Haghartsi, a monastery in the Gugark world of Greater Armenia), in the modern period (eg, Ansak, a village in the Van province of Western Armenia, Kaghzvan, a city in the Kars region).

Historical Armenia, being in the areas of contact between the East and the West, has been subjected to the conquests of foreigners many times.

And during each invasion, name changes were made, often giving arbitrary names to the place names of the Armenian world, as a result of which more than ten layers of place names appeared in the territory of Armenia: Armenian-Armenian-Urartian.

Western Armenia TV, being a supporter and defender of Armenian, will try to present Armenian place names, which have been distorted over the centuries, in the "We are, our place names" series.