The 104th Anniversary of the Heroic Battle of Aintap 

  • by Western Armenia, April 19, 2024 in History

In 1920, the participants of  self-defense of Aintap organized the heroic self-defense of Aintap led by Atur Levonyan, by  Father Nerses Tavokchyan, and Avetis Kalemkyakharyan. 

Since April, the neighborhoods and streets of Ayntap have been closed with barriers, according to the prepared plan. Next to their fathers, husbands and children, Armenian women, young boys and young girls carried stones and water for the work of building dams. The devotion of the woman of Aintap is one of the honorable pages of the history of the Armenian people.

The first eight days of the battle were  fatally important.

 Turks attacked with large forces  for many times.

However, facing the opposition of Armenian warriors, they fled  with great losses.

However, the counter-attacks of the people of Aintap  were crowned with success from the very first attack, because the Armenians from Aintap, coming down to the front with the slogan "Death or Freedom" and taking up arms, despised death and vowed to save the honor of Armenians at the cost of their blood.

It was impossible not to admire with the bravery  of the Armenian  warriors  of Aintap. During those eight days, the people of people of Aintap occupied important positions, making the enemy retreat.

The turks, frightened by the first period of   success, resorted to treachery. Based on their repeated appeals, reconciliation talks began.

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