The Meaning of May 28 in Armenia 

  • by Western Armenia, May 27, 2024 in History

The birth of the First Republic  of Armenia is the twenty-eighth of May.

Soldier Andranik, for example, condemned the founding of the Republic of Armenia, considering it created by Turks.  The First Republic was only 11-12 thousand square kilometers. 

It is interesting that opinions about these days are contradictory.

In 1918 on May 15, after the fall of Alexandropol, Andranik retreats to Jalaloghli (Stepanavan), then to Lori and Dilijan. During the battle of Gharakilisa, Andranik's military unit protected Dilijan from a possible Turkish invasion

The fact of not participating in the battle of Gharakilisa gives rise to different interpretations, specifically mentioning Andranik's contradictions with Dashnaktsutyun and General Nazarbekyan. The biographers of the military leader who enjoys great love and respect of the people have addressed this issue, and almost all of them claim that Andranik carried out Nazarbekyan's order to protect Dilijan.

From the battle of Gharakilisa and  after the signing of the Batumi Peace Treaty in 1918  on June 4, the relations between Andranik and the Armenian authorities are finally broken the commander refuses to recognize that contract.

In 1918 on June 4, Andranik sends a telegram to the commander of the Armenian Corps, Nazarbekyan, the National Council and the Defense Council, demanding to send a replacement military unit within three days, after which he leaves.

"Considering that you have nailed yourself with the eternal chains of captivity with your own hands, I declare that my soldier can no longer remain in the role of an unarmed warrior and be a silent witness of how the fraudulent enemy tears apart the sacred body of his long-suffering homeland, therefore my military unit today will leave here in the evening or tomorrow morning.

Order the military unit in Semyonovka to move and occupy the position now occupied by my military unit”. 

 June 4, 1918.