The Turkish bullet in the body of an Armenian woman

  • by Western Armenia, February 08, 2024 in History

The Genocide committed against Armenians  Museum-Institute presents the story of Haykanush Mkrtich Halajyan (maiden name: Yeghikyan).

She and his entire family were forcibly displaced from their hometown of Sebastia In 1915.

Armenian exiles were subjected to cruel experiments  on the way to Der Zor.

Turkish gendarmes tortured and killed Haykanush's relatives,  in front of her eyes, nodded  her mother.The young girl jumped to protect her mother and was seriously wounded by the Turkish gendarme.

The bullet lodges in the sternum however, due to fate, Haykanush did not die.The relatives somehow took  the wounded young woman with them,who was so exhausted that she could not take her 3-year-old son Vardges with her.

The bloody mother leaves the child on the way but later returns and takes the child, who, however, dies from exhaustion at the same night.

After emigration, Haykanush returns to Sebastia, establishes a new family, has a son, adopts an orphan girl, and then moves to France with his family.

In 1936, Haykanush Halajyan was repatriated to Soviet Armenia.Haykanush lived for 84 years with a Turkish bullet lodged in her  chest and nightmarish memories of the massacre.

Before her death, she asked her son Hrachya not to bury the turkish ball in Armenian land. During Haykanush's autopsy, it was found that the bullet was attached to the bone and broke off with the bone when it was removed from the body.

This turkish bullet became an integral part of Haykanush's life and body, reminding her of the tragic days she lived until her last breath.