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An  Accident Has Happened.  There are 4 Dead and Injured.

On April 12  the “Ural” car carrying the servicemen of the  military unit of the Ministry of Defense of Eastern

The Hamshen Language Preserved in the Villages of Western Armenia

The Western Hamshen-Eastern Hamshen distinction, which is often found in studies on the Hamshen people and the Hamshen language, is

Talin from Constantinople was Elected Chairperson 

Talin Ergunesh Gazer, an Armenian from Constantinople  was elected as a member of the Council of Elders of the administrative

“Heroic Battle of Van”

In the spring of 1915, the Armenians of Van struggled  for their identity and the right to live in their

“We Exist” Social Organization  Applied to  International Structures

The “We Exist” initiative of Artsakh residents appealed to the International Red Cross organization and a number of other international

Chronology of the Genocide Against Armenians

The Balkan Wars and Armenians The rule of the young turks brought almost no significant changes in the situation of

Artsakh’s Aghvan monuments have nothing to do with Aghvans and Caucasian indigenous communities. Monument Watch

“Old Aghdam” produced by Baku CBC TV channel. “Destroyed Nomadic Heritage” video contains a number of self-righteous statements about the

L’orchestre de jazz « Artsakh » fête son 20e anniversaire avec un concert à Erevan

L’orchestre de jazz « Artsakh » célèbre son 20e anniversaire avec un concert à Erevan. L’équipe de musiciens d’Artsakh a