A  Round Table Discussion on the Subject of  “From Misak Manushyan to  Artsakh Resistance Movement”

  • by Western Armenia, February 24, 2024 in National Council

On  February 23, on Friday  "Armenia" cultural association held a roundtable discussion in Chenevier Hall of the MJC Jean Moulin in Bourg-Le-Valance on the topic of "From Misak Manushyan to Artsakh, the Armenian resistance against  occupation".

 The conference was  on the subject of    "Misak and Meline Manushyan after their entrance  into the pantheon". The event took place in 2024 on February 21, Wednesday. About forty people attended the event.

The chairperson  of "Armenia" cultural association Grigor Amirzayan welcomed Hakob Kujikyan, the pastor of the Evangelical Armenian Church of Bourg-Le-Valance and Valance, Georges Rastclain, the deputy mayor of Valance, and the president of the Old French Warriors of Armenian Origin (ACFOA) in Drom-Ardèche.

He also thanked the delegation of Western Armenia,  Major-General Suren Shahumyan, Colonel Virab Manukyan, Honorary Consul of Western Armenia, Karapet Antosyan of Rhône-Alpes region, and former President of Western Armenia and current Chairman of the National Council of the Republic of Western Armenia, Armenak Aprahamian.

Therefore, drawing a parallel to the resistance to the Nazi regime during World War II, and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and part of Armenia occupied  by Azerbaijan regime, the Armenian resistance, is perhaps a little bold. Misak Manushyan and his friends from the Armenian communist movement joined the Resistance because most of them were survivors of the genocide carried out by the young turk government in the Ottoman Empire. The turks were the allies of the Germans.

And these same German Nazis again became a threat for  Europe, Jews, Armenians and all peoples.

And this was one of the reasons that Misak Manushyan and his friends joined the Resistance.

Nazi Germany was very similar to the young turk Pan-Turanism, which wanted to destroy the Armenian nation from the territory of the Ottoman Empire, as well as all the Christian minorities of the empire, like the Assyro-Chaldeans or the Pontic Greeks.

Manushyan struggled  against those invaders and occupiers.

Today, since September last year, Azerbaijan has been occupying Artsakh   population caring out  an ethnic cleansing, and Armenians of Artsakh  chose to flee to Armenia.

Artsakh is now occupied and destroyed even though Armenians lived there. 

But nothing is finished yet  as  the resistance movement of  Armenians of Artsakh and Armenians continues.

The exiled Artsakh government in Armenia continues to exist. The Armenian Diocese of Artsakh continue  to exist, it has not been dissolved.

Actions of endurance and dedication of Armenians of Artsakh  continue every day in Armenia and abroad," said the President of the Republic of Western Armenia by opening the debate.

First, the audience was invited to express their opinion on  the pantheonization of Misak and Melina Manushyan.

The speakers responded that everyone shared their feelings about the great and unique commemoration ceremony, and thanked France for the act, which honored  the warriors of  Resistance, honored  Armenia and Armenians.

The question has sparked a wide and meaningful debate on  the subject of the   warriors of  Armenian resistance, Misak Manushyan, against Nazism, and the current Armenian resistance against the Azeri occupiers in Artsakh. Among the speakers Armenak Aprahamian and Georges Rastklan were who also paid tribute to the  presence at the Pantheon,  accompanied by  Nicolas Daragon, mayor of Valence.

Suren Shahumyan, Sargis Jamakordzyan, Virab Manukyan, Grigor Dersarkisyan, Georges Eretsyan and Jean-Claude Dersarkisyan also had a  speeches.

But the debate more raged  when a  question was asked on  how the Armenians could resist by defending Armenia and returning to Artsakh.

Armenak Aprahamian spoke in detail about the Armenian resistance and readiness to defend the homeland. Suren Shahumyan and Virab Manukyan, who  knew the area very well like Armenak Aprahamian does  also testified to the persistence of the Armenians.

"We must unite and believe in ourselves," said Virab Manukyan.

These words were supported by Suren Shaumyan and Armenak Aprahamian, who called us to "never surrender" call and told details on  the Armenian resistance in Armenia.