Armenag Aprahamian Gave an Interview to One of the  Medias of Eastern Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, May 10, 2024 in National Council

The President  of the National Council of Western Armenia, Armenag Aprahamian, gave an interview to journalist Narine Aghajanyan.

The President spoke about the National Constitution of Western Armenia, the liberation of Artsakh, post-war works and the National Council of Western Armenia.Armenag Aprahamian, while speaking about his extensive works, noted:

 Armenag Aprahamian has been an instructor for decades. he devoted all his time to the young to protect and survive

And then, one day, he went from "training" to real practice.  Be it military, strategic, legal or philosophical, the art of preserving one's people has become a vital priority.The war has never really stopped, it is right here in front of us, and even if we pretend not to see it, it knows how to call us to order, then Armenag Aprahamian continues the mission of applying his knowledge to the real struggle for existence."