Meline and Misak MANOUSHIANS, in the center of the Attention of Mandelie – National Council

  • by Western Armenia, February 21, 2024 in National Council

 Dearest guests participated in the conference dedicated to Misak MANOUSHIAN and to the spirit of resistance in France, which had been organized by the Armenian Circle of Mandelieu la Napoule and the National Council of Western Armenia, in the Mediterranean Room in Mandelieu.

The President of the Republic of Western Armenia, Lydia Margossian, and the Mayor of Mandelieu, Mr. Sebastian Leroy, apologized for their absence to the conference. 

Veterans Affairs Delegate Pierre R. At the opening, SERVETAZ thanked the present gathering, paying tribute to the memory of Meline and Misak MANOUSHIAN.

Among others were present.

- Eric BERTRAND, Director of CCAS

- Major Jean-Yves ROGER, President of AMMAC Cannes Pays de Lérins,

- Major General Suren SHAHUMIAN, operational coordinator, member of the government of Western Armenia.

- President of the National Association of Armenian Veterans and Supporters, Serzh Vrezh APRAHAMIAN.

- Jean Armen Ghazarosyan, President of the Association of French Veterans and Armenian Resistance Warriors.

- Carolyn OHANNESIAN, President of the Armenian Circle of Mandelieu La Napoule

– Jean-Claude DuPont, Vice President of the United Nations

- Presidents of the association.

As well as our guest, Major General Hamlet Minasyan, the president of the UN ECOSOC Armenian office.

Vice President of ICOCRIM, International Committee for Combating Terrorism, Organized Crime and Corruption, Center for Strategic Analysis of Central Europe.

In his introduction, the speaker, President Armenak APRAHAMIAN, recalled the roots of the French Resistance, making a connection with the Armenian Genocide carried out by the Young Turks and organized by the German military apparatus in Western Armenia.

Misak MANOUSHIAN and Meline, two children orphaned by the genocide, joined France and continued their fight against the Nazi occupier as part of the FTP-MOI.

President Armenak APRAHAMIAN closed the conference by reading the letter, written  to Meline on the eve of Misak's death.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Sargis Ghazaryan remembered  about the moments of his life spent with Misak Manushyan.

Major General Hamlet Minasyan presented to Major Jean-Yves ROGER  a Medal of Honor of ECOSOC of Armenia.