The Commemoration Ceremony  in Mandeliue La Napoule for  the Victims of the Genocide against the Armenians  Military Council

  • by Western Armenia, April 26, 2024 in National Council

On April 24, at 11:00 a.m., the Commemoration Ceremony for the Genocide Victims was held in the city of Mandeliue La Napoule.

The event was held under the honorary chairmanship of Sebastián Leroy, Mayor of Mandelieu La Napoule.

Mayor Sebastien Leroy mentioned in his speech that in 2024 the massacre methodically restarts and does not stop.

"Like every year, on this day we also honor the memory of the massacre of 2 million Armenian Christians carried out by the Ottoman government of the "young turks".

It was the first mass genocide of the 20th century, which took place between 1915 and 1917, and it serves as an example for all others.

A few survivors from genocide escaped and scattered around the world. They made our Nation as  their own, fought in our armies, built the Motherland, made our culture and art prosperous.

From now on, when a Frenchman appears in front of an Armenian, he sees him not as a colleague, but as a brother. We are one now.

In 2024, this massacre methodically restarts and does not stop in the East. In this huge fundamental movement, the goal of which was to take away the barbarians from our lands and destroy every trace of their foreign civilization, Armenia was first on the list. We are already the next.

Our fate and our enemies are common. When will we understand all those? How much more tragedy and death will it take for our leaders to abandon weakness for courage?

Our future depends on this test. Long live Armenia, long live France."

The video is available on the YouTube page of Western Armenia TV.